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Thanksgiving Cooking Safety

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is not only a difficult task, it can also be a dangerous one, if not done carefully! (Hello, turkey fryer.) While we can’t take the stress of the holidays away, we can help you to ensure that they are safe! Check out our tips for staying safe in the kitchen this Thanksgiving!  […]

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4 Spring Cleaning and Safety Tips

The busyness of the holiday season is over. Winter is almost over. We are all tired of being cooped up indoors and staring at the same mess around the home. Spring time is a good opportunity to clean house and to make it safer. We have prepared a short list of things to think about […]

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Do you own or lease a Ford Focus manufactured between 2012 and 2016 or a Ford Fiesta manufactured between 2011 and 2016?  If you answered yes, you may have a claim for damages against Ford. Who is affected? Owners and leasees of defective 2012 to 2016 Ford Focuses and 2011 to 2016 Ford Fiestas. What’s […]

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What is Florida’s Lemon Law?

Buying or leasing a new car can be a nightmare when the car starts having problems right away.  There is good news. Florida law protects consumers when they buy a car that has big problems right after its sale. Does your vehicle qualify? Certain requirements must be satisfied for Florida’s Lemon Law to apply. New […]

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Yo Yo Financing: The Car Sales Scam

The Holiday Season is upon us, and many people will be shopping for cars. Do not fall prey to the “yo-yo scam.” So what is a “yo-yo scam” anyway? Many people are not familiar with the term. But the scam is something you need to be aware of so that you are not taken advantage […]

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An article in the Dallas News a few weeks back talked about a disreputable company that claims to monitor people’s credit. The company charges a monthly fee to help with “identity management.” Unfortunately, the company actually exposed customers to greater exposure for credit fraud. The company made it easy to sign up for their service […]

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Talc use by women may cause cancer?

Really, talc use by women may cause cancer? Who would have thought that Johnson & Johnson and other talc companies would ever keep women from knowing that using talc powder might cause them to have ovarian cancer? Ask yourself….would you have let your female family members sprinkle talc powder in their underwear if you knew […]

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Mass Tort Representation

As our  firm broadens our practice to include mass torts, I am amazed at the level of planning necessary to litigate and resolve these cases. Good personal injury lawyers must have good systems in place to represent plaintiffs in mass tort cases. Managing all the different clients and defendants requires good process and procedures. This […]

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VolksWagen, Audi, & Porsche Claims

Volkswagen’s  clean diesel cars amazed people when they first came out. Diesels are known for being slow and sluggish with poor fuel economy. Diesel emissions can cause damage to lung tissue in children, the elderly, and asthmatics. They also can form smog and acid rain. But Volkswagen promised superb power, great mileage, and clean emissions. They promised something no car company […]

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Watch Out for Trucks

Trucking accidents can be deadly. Over the last few years, car wreck fatalities have declined. However, trucking accident fatalities have increased significantly. Much of the reason for the reductions in car wreck deaths are safety technologies like airbags and anti-lock brakes. For the most part, the trucking industry has resisted any meaningful safety devices on their trucks. Indeed, they have opposed […]

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Will Driverless Cars be Safer?

Personal injury lawyers’ practices will change over the next 20 years. Technology companies like Google, Apple, and Uber are creating driverless cars. Many of the major automobile companies including General Motors, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz are too. The technology associated with these cars is pretty amazing. It should cut down on the number of automobile accidents. […]

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Transvaginal Mesh Injuries and Lawsuits:

Transvaginal mesh, sometimes referred to as TVM, is a medical device used in women to treat two different female conditions; stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Doctors will insert these mesh-like devices transvaginally or abdominally to attempt to treat these stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. Some medical device makers have promoted these […]

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July 2014 Recalls

Automobiles 2009-14 Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, and GMC Acadia, and 2009-10 Saturn Outlook. Seatbelt cable may separate causing the potential of a seatbelt malfunction. Call General Motors at 1800-222-1020, Chevrolet at 1800-521-7300, Buick at 1800-462-8782, or Saturn at 1800-553-6000 to set up a dealer replacement free of charge. Household Products Office Depot Gibson Leather Chairs have […]

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GM Ignition Switch Failure Results in Deaths

General Motors has had a problem for years that it intentionally ignored: faulty ignition switches. News reports state that GM knew of the issue as early as 2001 but failed to take any action until 2014. So far, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has the death toll at 13, but some put the casualties […]

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An Endless Cyle: Trapping People in “The System”

A growing trend around the country, and especially in Florida, is to jail people who cannot afford to pay fines in criminal cases. As states tighten budgets and courts increasingly become dependent on fines to fund their budgets, states increase the amounts of fines to sustain their operation. These “user fees” seem innocuous enough: if a […]

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