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Mass Tort Representation

As our  firm broadens our practice to include mass torts, I am amazed at the level of planning necessary to litigate and resolve these cases. Good personal injury lawyers must have good systems in place to represent plaintiffs in mass tort cases. Managing all the different clients and defendants requires good process and procedures. This […]

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Jury Duty

People tell me this all the time: “I just got a summons for jury duty. I hope I don’t get picked.” My response is always, “I hope you do.” Jury duty is one of the few ways we get to participate in our government. Jury service is one of only two ways that government calls and […]

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Changing the Conversation about Race

I heard this interview on NPR a few weeks ago about a lawyer representing young black men and the struggles that they have on the streets simply because of skin color. I remembered it last week when the Ferguson riots were going on. No matter what your position is on the grand jury’s decision (I have […]

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My Tangle with the School Board

The recent debacle with the Escambia County School Board and its handling of the Escambia High School recruiting issues reminds me of where my legal career all began.  My most challenging case came my first year as a lawyer. I was fresh out of law school, and my first job was as a general practitioner […]

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An Endless Cyle: Trapping People in “The System”

A growing trend around the country, and especially in Florida, is to jail people who cannot afford to pay fines in criminal cases. As states tighten budgets and courts increasingly become dependent on fines to fund their budgets, states increase the amounts of fines to sustain their operation. These “user fees” seem innocuous enough: if a […]

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New Gas Leak at the Escambia County Jail

There was a gas leak at the kitchen of the main Escambia County Jail today. This time, unlike at Central Booking and Detention on April 30, 2014, the county appears to have taken appropriate action and turned off the natural gas, according to news reports. The county’s inaction and failure to turn off the gas […]

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Damages for Civil Rights Claims in Federal Court: State Damages Caps do not Apply

In light of the recent jail explosion, I have seen attorneys quoted in the local and national press that the inmate claims are limited by certain state caps on damages and that this amount could be $200,000 or $300,000. Unfortunately, these lawyers may not know that if there is proof that the jail was “deliberately […]

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County Knew about Gas Leaks

We are investigating potential personal injury, wrongful death, and civil rights claims related to the explosion last night at the Escambia County jail. News reports state that the jail knew about the leaks before the explosion. I personally was at the jail today, and the explosion blew out through the front doors of the Central Booking […]

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