Can You Sue Someone for a Car Accident in Pensacola, FL?

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Have you suffered from a car accident in Pensacola, Florida? Around 6 million car accidents occur in the U.S. every year, leaving millions of people injured and killing thousands. Those who survive the accidents often face steep medical bills and car damage. If this sounds like you, you’re probably wondering how to recuperate some of your expenses. You might be asking yourself, “Can you sue someone for a car accident?”

The answer, in many cases, is “yes.” Below, we’ll get into the details of what qualifies for a car accident lawsuit. Keep reading to learn more!

Car Accidents and Personal Injury Law

Car accident lawsuits fall under a type of law known as personal injury law. During personal injury lawsuits, the lawyer and the defendant must establish that the other party or parties neglected their duty to keep other people safe and that this negligence resulted in damage to the client.

This duty extends to vehicular traffic. Every driver has a legal and moral responsibility to follow the regulations of the road, as they are instated to keep everyone safe. If the other drivers are at least partially at fault for the accident, you will be able to sue them.

In personal injury cases, the concept of “damage” is loosely defined. Your damages might include physical injuries, financial difficulties, emotional trauma, or ruined property.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

So, with the specific details of your case, can you sue someone for a car accident?
If you’re still wondering the answer to that question, the next step is to consult a Pensacola personal injury lawyer. Finding a lawyer at this stage serves two purposes.

First, if you choose to go forward with a lawsuit, you will need a lawyer to facilitate the process and handle the car accident claim. Second, an attorney will assess your case and let you know whether or not they think it is winnable.

It is always wise to seek out an attorney as soon as possible after an accident. After all, the sooner you start the lawsuit process, the sooner you will get the compensation you deserve.

Research Your Options

To find the best attorney for your case, either look at our services or run “car accident attorney in Pensacola” through a search engine. Read through your options, and look over reviews to ensure that their former clients loved working with them.

Then, schedule a free consultation with the firm and take note of the attorney’s demeanor and personality. Do you like this person? If so, consider hiring them to serve as your representation. If not, keep looking until you find someone you like.

Can You Sue Someone for a Car Accident in Pensacola?

So, can you sue someone for a car accident? In many cases, yes.

If you and your attorney believe you can establish that someone violated their responsibility to keep you safe and caused the damages you have suffered, you should consider pursuing a lawsuit.

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