Burn Awareness Week: What You Need To Know

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The first week in February is Burn Awareness Week. Almost 500,000 people a year require medical treatment for burns each year. Here are some tips to make sure you are not one of them!

Pavement Burns

“It’s so hot you can cook an egg on the sidewalk!” is not just a saying. It’s the truth. Even when it is 75 degrees outside, the asphalt can reach a temperature of 125. Take precautions for you and your pet before going on a walk to protect you and them from the hot pavement.

Fireplace Burns

Gas fireplace glass doors can reach excessive temperatures. Severe burn injuries from hot glass can happen in less than 1 second. Glass fireplace doors remain hot for at least an hour after use. Use safety gates, install screen barriers, and supervise toddlers and young children around fireplaces!

Hair Appliance Burns

Keep hot objects away from counter edges and out of the reach of children. Did you leave your curling iron plugged into the wall? Make sure to have a conversation with your children about never grabbing hair appliances that may still be hot after use, even when it is not plugged in anymore.

Cooking Burns

Always use oven mitts or potholders to remove hot items from the stove or microwave. Use the back burners of the stove to prevent children from reaching up and touching hot pots and pans.  After cooking, check the kitchen to make sure all burners and other appliances are turned off.

Burn Awareness Week

Most burns are preventable injuries. Take the time this week to make sure you’re making every avoidable step your house to ensure you and your family are burn-free.

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