Alabama Distracted Driving Laws and Facts

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It happens every day; a driver takes their attention off the road for a few seconds and an accident occurs. Distracted driving is a serious problem not only in Alabama, but the entire country. In 2018, it killed 2,418 people and injured thousands more across the country and took the lives of 39 Alabamians. In a single year, distracted driving was a factor in over 1,400 Alabama car accidents. Though most people don’t think twice about taking their eyes off the road for something trivial, the consequences can be disastrous. These shocking numbers are one of the many reasons laws exist to prevent distracted driving, but the laws don’t cover enough risky behaviors to keep you truly safe on the road.

Distracted Driving Laws

Texting drivers are 23 times more likely to get into accidents than other drivers; that’s one reason Alabama prohibits anyone under 18 from using a mobile device. Adults are prohibited from using smartphones or computers, programming a GPS address, and sending or reading a text while driving. However, the law doesn’t cover in-car screens and “infotainment” systems; it also doesn’t prohibit use of video streaming services, video chats, or games. Connecting a phone to Bluetooth in a car, searching for radio channels, or answering a call on the car’s hands-free system are all legal but can be deadly. 

There is also no law in Alabama against distracted driving behaviors such as interacting with passengers, reading a billboard outside the car, putting on makeup, shaving, or even changing clothes while driving – all of which are negligent behaviors that have been responsible for wrecks, injuries, and deaths. 

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